Supporting intelligent

decisions in space

and on Earth


Rotoiti (“roe-toe-ee-tee”) supports firms, governments, and academics in the space and environment sectors. We specialize in human intelligence – gathering and analyzing expert perspectives to help clients understand markets, craft strategies, and achieve objectives.

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Rotoiti works in space and environment, two sectors that inform each other and share many themes – passion, hype, skepticism, siloed technological expertise, and government influence.


Rotoiti helps clients who develop humanity's presence off-planet. Common project topics have included: manufacturing; launch; space debris, microgravity; remote sensing; and subsystems.


Rotoiti helps clients who work on many interlinked environmental topics. Common project topics have included: biodiversity, "green" fuel; power transmission; precision agriculture; and renewable energy.


Rotoiti provides market research, strategic advisory, and business development services. Typical deliverables include verbal briefs, written reports, and dashboards monitoring the status of inquiries. For in-depth description of Rotoiti’s services, see here.

Market Research

Rotoiti's core service is market research, helping clients understand how their businesses sit within larger contexts. This entails investigating market actors and trends to assess clients' points of differentiation.

Strategic Advisory

 Building on market research, Rotoiti provides strategic advisory services to help craft plans. In these cases, Rotoiti assesses the strengths and weaknesses of strategic options to help clients focus their efforts.

Business Development

Strategic advisory services lead to business development support, which helps clients implement their strategies. This comprises breaking strategies down into specific tasks and carrying out those tasks.


Rotoiti’s approach emphasizes human source inquiries and as such is bespoke, transparent, and discreet. For in-depth description of Rotoiti’s typical approach, see here.


To ensure results are useful, all projects are bespoke. Rotoiti does not offer preset menu items or a one-size-fits-all approach. We instead start projects with thorough discussions to understand clients' needs. Then we devise customized services to support clients with their decision-making.


Rotoiti does not sell black box solutions. With our deliverables, we explain the processes behind them - which sorts of sources, for instance, provided which information under which circumstances. Transparency differentiates us from other consultancies; it allows clients to more intelligently judge and use findings.


Rotoiti acts as an airlock between clients and sources. We discuss with clients how much discretion should be used in projects. Unless instructed otherwise, Rotoiti does not disclose identifying information about clients to sources, or vice versa. This is why we do not act as agents (e.g. via sales or lobbying).


Rotoiti helps clients by weaving together diverse expert perspectives. As such we prefer to work in various markets. To date, Rotoiti has tended to cover the Asia-Pacific, North America, and Western Europe. The map below shows countries of focus in projects to date:

As is the case with market coverage, there is likewise significant variety in terms of subject matter. See below for brief descriptions of example projects that Rotoiti has worked on to date:


Being located in New Zealand, Rotoiti hosts kōrero to connect foreign market actors to Aotearoa’s space ecosystem. The kōrero are informal, invite-only, and not recorded. If you would like to be featured or be added to the invite list, please contact us.

• Moon Kim of NASA’s Strategic Investments Division

• Jacob Hacker of KPMG

• Matija Milenovic of porkchop

 Aaron Bateman of the Space Policy Institute

 Ben Starkey of Ozius

 John Barentine of Dark Sky Consulting

• Raphael Roettgen of E2MC Ventures

• Alexandre Vallet of the International Telecommunication Union

• Malcolm Davis of the Australian Strategic Policy Institute

• Mark Posen of RPC Telecom

 Ksenia Lisitsyna of Precious Payload

 Cécile Gaubert of Gaubert Law Firm

 Daniel Biedermann of NewSpace Capital

• Win Marshal J Bronzewall of INNOSPACE

• Ingo Baumann of BHO Legal

• Zhen Ning Ng of NuSpace

• Tiger Wang of SatelliteHerd

• Jason Held of Saber Astronautics

• Dennis Elgaard of GomSpace

• Michael Sims of Ceres Robotics

• Tushar Jadhav of Manastu Space

• Donna Lawler of Azimuth Advisory

• Blaine Curcio of Dongfang Hour

• Daniel Faber of Orbit Fab

• Jeff Crusey of Seraphim Space

• Takahiro Nakamura of ispace

• Troy McCann of Moonshot Space Co.

• Andy Koronios of SmartSat CRC

• Todd Dearing of C4 Space


Dr. Nicholas Borroz founded Rotoiti and regularly collaborates with other space and environment experts to serve clients. He previously worked in business intelligence in Washington, DC, running a human source network to help clients with risk management, due diligence, and compliance. He has a PhD in international business from Auckland University, an MA in international economics from Johns Hopkins SAIS, and a BA in international studies from Macalester College. 

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