Rotoiti gives actionable business intelligence to firms in the space sector.


The space sector is in a state of flux. Opportunity abounds, but so does uncertainty. Rotoiti helps clients make smart decisions by analyzing industry trends, strategy options, competitors, and other issues. Clients are in several countries; they include launch providers, propulsion firms, and satellite vendors.

“The report gives us insights into the corporate and business arrangements which resulted in [the launch firm] securing very lucrative US government contracts.”
Launch Services Company

Business areas


Rotoiti supports firms focused on reaching orbit – launch businesses, spaceport operators, and others.


Rotoiti helps firms in space infrastructure – propulsion companies, satellite vendors, and more.


Rotoiti advises firms in the business of space-based applications – imagery, communications, and others.


Is it worth registering abroad to gain access to another government’s contracts? Rotoiti studied competitors’ government relations approaches, determining their benefits and drawbacks. This analysis informed the client’s government relations strategy.

To whom and for what price should one sell a product? Rotoiti produced a series of reports analyzing industry segments. It moreover studied available information about a major competitor’s supply contract, helping the client to better negotiate price points.

“This text is good at identifying what the motivations of different buyers are, and how different sensitivities tend to cause customers to choose different launch service types.”
Satellite Propulsion Company
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