Market research and advisory
services for the space industry


Rotoiti’s market research and advisory services critically assess business strategies and theses. It gathers insights via discreet inquiries in its proprietary source network, helping clients avoid a common mistake: not testing assumptions to avoid costly errors.

Rotoiti typically scopes services via these questions:



Rotoiti’s network covers many markets, segments, and industries. For responsiveness, Rotoiti crafts its network to be resilient and sustainable. Rotoiti often boosts the network by adding project-specific extensions.


Tailored semi-structured interviews maximize inquiries’ quality. Rotoiti’s neutrality corrects for clients’ biases, making results more analytically usefully. Rotoiti is also discreet and unaffiliated, which keeps clients’ agendas confidential.


Rotoiti helps clients who seek to validate their own business strategies (e.g. firms). Rotoiti also helps clients who seek to validate others’ business strategies (e.g. financiers). Rotoiti furthermore helps clients who are assessing ecosystems (e.g. public agencies).


Verbal briefs – usually fortnightly – update clients on findings from latest inquiries. Interim and final written reports summarize all findings. Rotoiti also provides an inquiries dashboard that allows clients to track inquiries’ status.


Rotoiti publishes briefs about the space industry and hosts kōrero featuring space experts. For links to briefs and a list of kōrero speakers, as well as details on Rotoiti’s team and origins, see below. For more information, please contact us.

Kim Macharia of Space Prize

Justyna Redelkiewicz of the EU Agency for the Space Programme

Arttu Luukanen of Solar Foods

Alice Gorman of Flinders University

Loren Chang of National Central University

Meagan Crawford of SpaceFund

Andrew Williams of European Southern Observatory

George-Cristian Potrivitu of Aliena

Mohamed Mbarouk of StarLab Oasis

Matthew Gill of Space Radiation Services

Moon Kim of NASA’s Strategic Investments Division

Jacob Hacker of KPMG

Matija Milenovic of porkchop

Aaron Bateman of the Space Policy Institute

Ben Starkey of Ozius

John Barentine of Dark Sky Consulting

Raphael Roettgen of E2MC Ventures

Alexandre Vallet of the International Telecommunication Union

Malcolm Davis of the Australian Strategic Policy Institute

Mark Posen of RPC Telecom

Ksenia Lisitsyna of Precious Payload

Cécile Gaubert of Gaubert Law Firm

Daniel Biedermann of NewSpace Capital

Win Marshal J Bronzewall of INNOSPACE

Ingo Baumann of BHO Legal

Zhen Ning Ng of NuSpace

Tiger Wang of SatelliteHerd

Jason Held of Saber Astronautics

Dennis Elgaard of GomSpace

Michael Sims of Ceres Robotics

Tushar Jadhav of Manastu Space

Donna Lawler of Azimuth Advisory

Blaine Curcio of Dongfang Hour

Daniel Faber of Orbit Fab

Jeff Crusey of Seraphim Space

Takahiro Nakamura of ispace

Troy McCann of Moonshot Space Co.

Andy Koronios of SmartSat CRC

Todd Dearing of C4 Space

Dr. Nicholas Borroz founded Rotoiti and regularly collaborates with other space experts to serve clients. He previously worked in business intelligence in Washington, DC, running a human source network to help clients with risk management, due diligence, and compliance. He has a PhD in international business from Auckland University, an MA in international economics from Johns Hopkins SAIS, and a BA in international studies from Macalester College.