Actionable business intelligence

for the space sector


Clients to date have been located in the public and private sectors in Australia, New Zealand, and Singapore. Specific business areas of focus have included: launch services, satellite propulsion, satellite-based communication, and Earth observation.

Business areas


Rotoiti supports firms focused on reaching orbit – launch businesses, spaceport operators, and others.


Rotoiti helps firms in space infrastructure – propulsion companies, satellite vendors, and more.


Rotoiti advises firms in the business of space-based applications – imagery, communications, and others.


• A comparison of launch firms in Australia and New Zealand

• An analysis of a launch firm’s relationship with the US government

• An analysis of a US-focused business expansion strategy

• An analysis of causes behind a launch firm’s collapse

• A comparison of a launch firm’s various government relationships

• An analysis of a launch firm’s relationship with the Australian government

• An analysis of market demand for rideshares

• An analysis of market demand for satellite propulsion

• A comparison of a propulsion firm’s customer supply agreements

• An estimate of costs for a constellation’s propulsion system

• An analysis of rideshare availability

• An analysis of market demand for orbital servicing

• An analysis of the recession’s impact on launch frequency

• A database comparing 43 competitors according to 11 factors

• An assessment of a national space industry’s strengths and weaknesses

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